Boat  Gas

The Boat Club is one of Honey Harbour’s leading boat fuel retailers.  We have 4 gas docking stations are ready to serve any size boat.  Close to the main channel and never any lack of service to help you land, fuel you up and get you on your way!

We sell Regular marine grade fuels as well as Hi- Test (which contains no Ethanol).

Unfortunately, The Boat Club does not sell Diesel Fuel.

Car Gas

If you are in Honey Harbour and your car is empty, we are your source for automobile fuel! The closest fuel stop to Honey Harbour is where the Honey Harbour Road meets Highway 400, which is about 12 kilometres from downtown Honey Harbour. But if you are in Honey Harbour and your car needs gas, come see us!


HHBC has a propane tank swap service. It is conveniently located near the docks and is accessible by car. Of course if you need help carrying the tank to your boat or car, that’s what we are here for.