The Boat Club is your perfect transportation partner to get you parked and over to your destination. With reasonable rates and full service, you really do not need to over think the logistics of your visit to the Honey Harbour area!

Car Parking

The Boat Club has the most guest parking space in Honey Harbour. Still, spots are limited so we cannot guarantee space which is allotted on a first come, first serve basis. Guest parking is only $10 per day or $26 for Friday through Sunday. When you arrive, please proceed to the office near the water to purchase your ticket before parking your car at the top of the hill. Please leave your ticket face up on the dashboard as parking is enforced and checked twice daily. There is a convenient staircase that leads you right back to the docks to start your Georgian Bay chill time!

Limited trailer parking is available at additional cost.

Water Taxi & Cartage

The Boat Club’s large and reliable Taxi Boat is ready and available by reservation to take you to your destination as far north as Go Home Bay. With reasonable rates as well as experienced and friendly drivers, your weekend or week off at a cottage or Provincial campsite will be off to a great start!

We also deliver large goods including appliances right to your dock!

Boat Launching

Our wide launching area makes it easy to get your boat in the water and start your Georgian Bay boating time in quick order! Self-launching is only $15 but if you need support, we have resources to help.